Local and regional analysis

The municipalities and counties of Norway are transitioning. The municipal and regional reform are reducing the number of municipalities and counties by 2020 to create larger, more functional enterprises. Meanwhile, the population is settling down in the large cities to a larger extent than before, while local trade is moving to shopping malls and business parks on the outskirts of the city centres. Furthermore, several large projects in infrastucture are currently underway, which will impact regions across the country in the future.

Vista Analyse assist both the public and private sector with analysis and processes in relation to regional and urban development, trade and industry analysis, strategy and planning for future growth and transitioning housing patterns among the population.

Vista Analyse have developed a comprehensive set of models for uilization in local and regional analysis. Below are some of the key models described:

Osaker: Business and employment categorized by area use at the 5-digit NACE-level, data from 2008, municipal level. Employment levels in different labor markets such as high-skill, public sector, area-intensive trade and service, customer-intensive trade, and resource-intensive, movable production.

Vistavare: Trade revenue at the municipal level. The database encompasses trade leakage and import, trade coverage and detailed overview down to different types of goods. The database is updated annually (from 2000) and is price-adjusted.

Komstat: Status and development since 2009 at the municipal level in labor markets, demography, business sector, level of education and municipal economy.

Publications under Local and regional analysis:

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