New report: ADA - Vista Analyse's new model for transport analysis

Oslo, 22.04.2022

Ada is Vista Analyse’s new model for transport analysis. Individual choices of means of transport, travel route and departure is based in Ada on individual preferences and a transport supply with time resolution. This provides new opportunities compared to traditional models based on average preferences and aggregated transport supply.

The documentation report provides an overview of the model, as is available today. In the report, we also compare Ada with other models that are currently used in transport analyses, and point to areas where Ada will be particularly suitable. This includes:

  • analyses of competitive surfaces between different means of transport in regional transport markets,
  • competition between public transport agents with different characteristics and
  • toll and ferry relief projects.

Ada represents a new type of transport model. This opens up the possibility of fresh ideas, and we are exploring this potential. Ongoing development work related to the inclusion of comfort/safety and travel chains with various means of transport in the model will be completed shortly. We are also exploring new opportunities to include crowding and punctuality in individual-based election models such as Ada. uses cookies to ensure you get the best experienceGDPR