Local and regional development

Regional development, local governance and local government structure are important, current topics. Vista Analyse has broad experience in the analysis of regional development, urban growth and municipal finances. Our analyses are based on recent empirical and theoretical research. Regional development analysis will often require a multidisciplinary approach, and different social sciences provide valuable contributions towards understanding the regions. Our projects often involve social geographers and city planners, as well as economists. Our analyses is supported by our own models and methodological tools, including Osaker, VistaVare, NOREG, KIMO and MEMO.

Business development is an important aspect of regional development. Within this thematic area we assess local economic sustainability and attractiveness, we conduct analysis of trade patterns and shopping habits, and we explore the economy of travel destinations and experiences. Urban development, land use, transport and environment are other big themes. We give advice on sustainable land use and transport solutions in the context of urban development, we analyse urbanization strategies in light of future environmental requirements, and we evaluate local climate and energy plans. A third theme is municipal finances. We provide analysis of cross-municipal cooperation and structural consolidation; municipal expenditure assignments, state transfers and allocation criteria; demographic developments, needs assessments and long-term planning, as well as municipal operational and capital cost requirements.

Vista Analyse has framework agreements for analysis and advisory services with Drammen municipality, the city of Oslo and Vestfold county administration.

Publications under Local and regional development:

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