The welfare sector is the largest sector in terms of employment. Vista Analyse has worked on projects in the welfare sector for many years, and has an extensive list of projects. We do projects related to welfare economics, social economics and projects related to the labour market. One of our strengths is that we often carry out projects that combine both welfare and social dimensions. In the welfare economic projects, we use economic analysis to study cost-benefit effects of measures, action plans and other instruments. We also use economics in the evaluations of financial and organizational structures, aimed at ensuring the right incentives and an effective use of resources. In the social-welfare projects we study various groups in society, often based on triangulation where we use qualitative and quantitative methods simultaneously. We have particular expertise in the justice sector and correctional services, children welfare and vulnerable or marginalized groups in society, as well as on labour market issues.

In the labour market projects we analyse the effects of work-related measures aimed at young people and immigrants, various changes in the pension system and labour migration. Here we make good use of registry data and modern econometric methodology as well as qualitative research methods.

Publications under Welfare:

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