Law has reduced the market for prostitution in Norway

Oslo, 11.08.2014

The ban on purchasing sexual services has reduced demand for sex and thus contribute to reduce the extent of prostitution in Norway. The enforcement of the law, in combination with the laws against trafficking and pimping, makes Norway a less attractive country for prostitution based trafficking than what would have been the case if the law had not been adopted. Furthermore, the economic conditions for prostitution in Norway are reduced following the implementation of the law. These effects are in line with the intentions of the law and are thus not considered as unintended side effects. This report does not find any evidence of more violence against prostitutes after the ban on buying sex entered into force. The report (in Norwegian) commissioned by the Norwegian Ministry of Justice and Public Security in the autumn of 2013 evaluates the law . Read more. uses cookies to ensure you get the best experienceGDPR