Is the train going to stop at Leirsund?

Oslo, 20.06.2022

Vista Analyse carried out KS1 of the Norwegian Railway Directorate's KVU Main Railway North (Hovedbanen Nord) in 2021. In our work, we uncovered errors in the capacity calculations and developed concepts with fewer stops on the stretch. Capacity for several freight and passenger trains on the route can thus be realised with high utility and significantly lower costs than the recommended concept from KVU. We recommended prioritisation of regional (passenger traffic) and national (freight) needs at the expense of local personal traffic needs specified by:

  • Passenger trains are moved to gardermobanen south of Frogner (requires closure of Leirsund stop)
  • The Lindeberg-Jessheim stretch is optimising for the greatest possible capacity
  • Freight traffic is prioritised by capacity shortages north of Jessheim (may mean fewer to Dal in the evening and/or closure of Nordby stop)

In a letter of allocation to the Norwegian Railway Directorate, the Ministry of Transport and Communications requests that our recommended concept (in the short and long term) be used as a basis for further planning of the Main Railway North. Furthermore, the Norwegian Railway Directorate shall initiate an external review of the method basis for the work on capacity analyses, which will also include an assessment of the disagreement between the Norwegian Railway Directorate and Vista Analyse in connection with the KS1 work. The work shall make the methodological basis for capacity analyses more transparent and clear.

We are very pleased that our findings in the work on quality assurance of the concept choice for the Main Line North. There is reason to believe that similar gains can be realized on other railway lines with capacity challenges and stops/stations with few passengers (e.g. Kongsvingerbanen, Østre linje on Østfoldbanen and Gjøvikbanen).

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