New project: Imagine vacuuming CO2 straight out of the air!

Oslo, 08.06.2022

Vista Analyse and SINTEF have been commissioned by the Norwegian Environment Agency to look at the business case using technology for direct capture of CO2 in Norway. The Norwegian Environment Agency needs to learn more about the sanctioned projects and the technological development that has been seen internationally in recent years. Furthermore, SINTEF and Vista Analyse will share some thoughts about where the path for technological development may lead us in the coming years.

Iceland was an early mover. Can a similar facility be built in Norway? We don't have the same rich supply of thermal heat as Iceland has. Where do we find favourable locations? At what scale should such a facility be built to be efficient? And finally, what may the cost be? For businesses involved and for society.

We will estimate investments needed and sketch abatement cost figures for DAC.

We look forward to delving into these issues in collaboration with SINTEF. uses cookies to ensure you get the best experienceGDPR